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The Top Construction Defects Observed Across The US

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Construction defects reduce the value of commercial and residential properties and threaten the health and safety of their occupants. Construction defects are defects that make a structure unsuitable or unsafe for its intended purpose, or – if left uncorrected – will cause permanent or increasing property damage.

When a new or recently built structure exhibits unusual leaks and water intrusion, cracks in walls or foundations, or failures of roofing materials, siding, or other exterior products, construction defects in design, materials, or workmanship may be the cause. When serious problems with a new or recently built residential or commercial structure threaten its value, integrity, or the safety of its occupants, the designer, builder, contractor or product manufacturer who is responsible for the defect can and should be held accountable. Our experienced construction law attorneys represent general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, homeowners and other interested parties in construction defects disputes.

A serious construction defect or design flaw can require a significant amount of corrective work. Our attorneys seek to evaluate both the cost of repair and nature of the defect in question. We take into consideration the time sensitivity of construction cases and work towards a rapid solution, whether through mediation, arbitration, litigation or negotiation.

Quality Built® Identifies Top Construction Defects of 2018

In 2018, Quality Built®, a leading American third-party quality insurance inspection company, collected data on nearly two million data points across thousands of projects in the United States via its proprietary app. The app identified the following top construction defect issues:

  1. Foundation: abnormalities with the vapor barrier at 65% of data points collected.
  2. Framing: a variety of framing anomalies were seen, but those linked to trusses bearing on non-bearing walls or trusses incorrectly attached were most prominent.
  3. Fire Blocking: not understanding that the purpose of fire blocking is to reduce the spread of fire, many fail to install it at all required locations.
  4. Insulation: insulation anomalies were found in 90% of the units inspected, with the risks increasing as energy codes become stricter.
  5. Window Installation: transportation and storing can result in bent or broken window fins and/or jambs, frame distortion, damaged glass, and other damage; one of the largest causes of construction defect litigation is leaks through windows or building walls.
  6. Exterior Walls: 70% of QuickFlash flashing panels contained anomalies in functionality and/or were being improperly used. Furthermore, many of the same defects exist with newer variations of weather resistant barriers as did with the traditional asphalt-impregnated building paper.
  7. Roofing: roof mastic is often used inappropriately, allowing for water intrusion.
  8. Exterior Cladding: stucco as exterior siding can suffer from defects in its mixing, lathing, and application.

Construction Defect Attorneys With the Acumen to Resolve Construction Disputes

Drawing upon years of construction litigation experience, our construction defect attorneys are knowledgeable about design concepts, construction methods, and the construction industry. We understand the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in the construction process, and the contractual and legal rights and remedies for the parties. If you think your residential or commercial structure suffered damage due to a construction defect, contact us today.


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John Whitfield has been significant in his management of a suit involving the death of my son in a motorcycle accident. His professionalism, compassion, support, and especially his knowledge base in this suit has been above reproach. He has communicated well and kept all parties apprised of the status of the suit. I feel he negotiated effectively to reach the best possible settlement for my son's estate. He certainly assures his clients are represented well. I am grateful for his successfully bringing this suit to a satisfactory conclusion. In short, John's expertise has been awesome.

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George Laufert
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