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Popular Target and Amazon Baby Products Recalled

by Dan Bryson | Consumer Products | Share

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting new chapter in parents’ lives. With this chapter comes the overwhelming instinct to protect our children, including taking many safety and baby-proofing measures to reduce the potential for harm to the baby. Parents who purchased the popular Tango Mini Stroller by Baby Trend and/or Infantino carriers (both sold at mega-retailers Target and Amazon) are experiencing feelings of unease after manufactures recalled these defective baby products.

Defective Baby Products Put Youngest Lives at Risk

Anytime a product is recalled, it becomes unsettling for consumers. When the recalled products are specifically designed for infants and toddlers, it can exaggerate the fears felt by consumers.

Baby Trend’s Tango Mini Stroller was recalled due to faulty hinges that cause it to collapse and fold in on itself without notice, potentially causing catastrophic injury to the child. Infantino recalled front-facing infant and toddler carriers due to a fall hazard. Both manufacturers’ products were sold to consumers for the express purpose of transporting children safely, giving parents one less thing to worry about – or so consumers thought.

The following Baby Trend stroller models are specifically being recalled as dangerous. The strollers were manufactured in China and sold at Target and via Amazon between October and November of 2019.

  • Quartz Pink Tango Mini Stroller
  • Sedona Gray Tango Mini Stroller
  • Jet Black Tango Mini Stroller
  • Purest Blue Tango Mini Stroller

As babywearing continues to grow in popularity, the 14,000 front-facing infant carriers at the center of the Infantino infant carrier recall were also sold at Target and via Amazon from November to December of 2019, and include the following models:

  • Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic Carrier
  • Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic Carrier
  • Flip Front2back Carrier
  • Up Close Newborn Carrier

Consumers trust that when purchasing a product – especially products intended for newborns and small children – that they will perform as advertised. When products fail, consumers suffer.

Violations of Products Liability Law

When manufacturers actively release dangerous consumer products into the marketplace, they are not only endangering the lives of those who use them, they’re also breaking the law. Products liability law refers to a theory of liability under which a manufacturer or seller can be held financially responsible for damages caused by defective products reaching the hands of consumers.

Consumer product manufacturers must properly vet and test their products before releasing them into the market. Products liability law can potentially hold all companies within the manufacturing and distribution chain accountable for the faulty product. As seen in the recent Cardinal Health surgical gown recall, no product, industry or consumer is immune to the potential dangers of faulty products.

There are three main types of products liability categories:

  1. Design defects
  2. Manufacturing defects
  3. Marketing defects

Why Consumers Need Protection

Products liability law is especially important in todays’ market climate. With the ease and accessibility of online ordering, consumers rely on products being advertised and sold online have not only met, but also surpassed consumer health and safety standards. Online retailers like Amazon, where the Baby Trends stroller and Infantino carriers were available for purchase, have recently come under scrutiny for avoiding responsibility for faulty third-party products being sold on their websites.

Products Liability Attorneys

A consumer who has been injured by a faulty product may feel like they have been made a fool of, first with the wasteful purchase of an inadequate product and then with the damages caused by its failure. Consumers have the right to purchase products that function as intended without causing the consumer injury. If you or a loved one bought a defective consumer product, the experienced trial lawyers at Whitfield Bryson LLP can explain your legal options and help you recover. Call us today at 855-926-2889 to schedule a free consultation.


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