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05 Feb
Texting on smartphone.

What Types of Text Messages Violate The TCPA?

by Dan Bryson | Civil Rights | Share

Technology has allowed businesses to bridge the gap between corporation and consumer, now more than ever, as companies and consumers connect through social media, email, and text messages. As consumers’ relationship with technology matures, so should marketing strategies. When devising a mobile marketing strategy that includes messaging, senders must be mindful of applicable state and…

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11 Oct
Gary Mason

Gary Mason Named One of Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Experts

by Dan Bryson | Awards & Honors | Share

The Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Experts of 2017 Every year, the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA) – a 501(c)(6) non-profit professional association for the legal fee analysis field – announces the nation’s top attorney fee experts and legal bill review programs. Attorney fee experts are judicially qualified expert witnesses who provide expert testimony on…

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06 Mar
Consumers at Risk Due to Excessive Formaldehyde Levels in Lumber Liquidators Flooring

Consumers at Risk Due to Excessive Formaldehyde Levels in Lumber Liquidators Flooring

by Dan Bryson | Class Action | Share

Consumer rights law firm Whitfield Bryson LLP is representing North Carolina consumers in a class-action lawsuit against Lumber Liquidators, Inc., a laminate wood flooring manufacturer and distributor, for allegedly selling flooring tainted with unsafe levels formaldehyde. Whitfield Bryson LLP has a strong track record of successfully representing homeowners in product defect and liability suits, including…

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16 Jan
WBM Expands Suit on Apple’s 2011 MacBook Pros

WB Expands Suit on Apple’s 2011 MacBook Pros

by Dan Bryson | Consumer Products | Share

Update: Whitfield Bryson LLP is no longer accepting cases related to the 2011 MacBook Pro litigation. WB is continuing its push on a lawsuit that alleges faulty graphics processing units (GPUs) in Apple 2011 MacBook Pro laptops. The firm recently filed an amended complaint expanding the case’s scope to include California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana,…

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John Whitfield has been significant in his management of a suit involving the death of my son in a motorcycle accident. His professionalism, compassion, support, and especially his knowledge base in this suit has been above reproach. He has communicated well and kept all parties apprised of the status of the suit. I feel he negotiated effectively to reach the best possible settlement for my son's estate. He certainly assures his clients are represented well. I am grateful for his successfully bringing this suit to a satisfactory conclusion. In short, John's expertise has been awesome.

Guy Lossing
Lincoln, Nebraska

I am very grateful to Whitfield Bryson for taking the initiative in filing suit against the manufacturers of defective CSST pipe. I am sure that this successful litigation will now help Maryland homeowners become aware of the danger of old style CSST pipe and to let them know what steps they may take to protect themselves against those dangers. Who knows how many lives and homes may be saved as a result of his efforts. Thank you for your important work in this litigation.

George Laufert
Cambridge, Maryland
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