Whitfield Bryson LLP, along with Virginia co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit against WestRock CP, LLC and West Point Chips, owners and operators of the nearby West Point paper mill.  West Point Chips operates a wood chipper that processes logs into wood chips for West Rock.  Wood dust from the saw mill is blown from the wood and wood chip piles into the air and onto properties throughout West Point.  Several property owners have already come forward and expressed their interest in being named as plaintiffs and/or participating in the lawsuit.

The case is moving along smoothly.  Recently, Judge Gibney denied the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss as well as their Motion to Strike Class Allegations.  The judge was swayed by the fact that the Plaintiffs dealt with so much dust that they did not find it useful to even try to clean their property.

If you would like to inquire about the lawsuit, we  have created  a  website  where  you  can  review  the  Complaint,  learn  more  about  the attorneys and the case, and fill out a short questionnaire to see if you qualify to join as a class member. If you have been inconvenienced or annoyed by dust from the West Point saw mill, please visit: