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Did you Use Mario Badescu’s Control Cream or Healing Cream?

Mario Badescu’s Control Cream and Healing Cream were marketed as “botanical” moisturizing creams that were suitable for daily use. Control Cream and Healing Cream have been discontinued due to mounting legal pressure, which began when a drug agency in a foreign country tested Healing Cream and found that it contained high levels of unlabeled steroids.

Whitfield Bryson LLP is investigating consumer complaints about injuries caused by Control Cream and Healing Cream due to exposure to topical steroids. Allegedly, Control Cream and Healing Cream contained very high doses of two steroids called hydrocortisone and triamcinolone acetonide. These steroids are neither “botanical” nor suitable for use without medical supervision.  Exposure to topical steroids can and has caused extremely painful and unsightly skin conditions, including reddened skin, acne, pustules, cracked and oozing skin, extreme sensitivity to cosmetics and sunlight, blurred vision, cataracts, swelling, and elevated cortisol levels. Numerous users of Control Cream and Healing Cream have reported these conditions.


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If you used Control or Healing Cream and suffered any of the above symptoms or other injuries, you may have a claim against Mario Badescu for misrepresentation and personal injuries.

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