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Defective Products

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As consumers, we assume the products we purchase are safe and as advertised. Unfortunately, many times the products we buy don’t live up to our expectations; and worse, sometimes they cause serious injuries. Manufacturers that are falsely advertising or producing defective products need to be held accountable.

Physical injury is by far the most common injury associated with defective products. For example, defective car seats could injure children in the event of an accident, or defective construction products could cause an accident. Many times, consumers also suffer financially from defective products. Obviously, consumers have incurred the cost of the defective product or service, but some defective products like building materials could actually decrease a home’s value or require extensive repairs to fix.

Consumers shouldn’t have to pay for defective products, and they certainly shouldn’t have to pay twice due to medical bills and/or the cost of repairs. Many consumers might feel helpless against large corporations, but all consumers have rights. By filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer, consumers can receive compensation for all damages caused by the defective product.

What To Do If You Suspect A Product Is Defective

Many consumers just throw away a defective products and cut their losses, but retaining the product (if it is safe to do so) can help with the investigation of the product. Defective products can be reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC. The CPSC is a federal watchdog agency that investigates and reports when products are unsafe. Reporting the product defects you experienced to the CPSC can help get dangerous products out of the hands of consumers.

If you suspect you purchased a defective product, you should try to locate the receipt of purchase. This will help establish true ownership of the product. Finally, contact an experienced defective products attorney. An attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate the product and determine the best course of action to keep consumers safe and to help consumers obtain compensation.

$600M - $1B Defective Chinese Drywall Settlement
$42M Staples Wage & Hour Settlement
$165M Defective Heart-Valves Settlement
$30M Defective Concrete Settlement
$1M Drunk Driver
$1.2M Coal Mine Accident
$3M Neighborhood Bulkhead Judgment
$4.8M Coal Mine Explosion
$1.7M Breach of Contract
$3.5M Shoddy Construction Jury Verdict
$750K Hit and Run Jury Verdict
$681K Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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