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Personal Injury

Whether it’s from a vehicle crash, a workplace accident, or medical malpractice, an injury can be catastrophic. You know that you need to be compensated for someone else’s negligence, but chances are you’re unable to predict how much or for how long.

Let Whitfield Bryson LLP be your ally. We handle personal injury claims to help people hurt in accidents of virtually every type. We investigate cases thoroughly and consider every option that might help. We fight in court to see that injured people and their families are represented fairly and thoroughly.

Why Choose Whitfield Bryson LLP?

We have the professional resources and technology to handle the most complex types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including connections to a network of independent neurological specialists who prepare evidence for cases involving traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. Over the years, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients who have been injured in accidents.

Types of Cases We Handle Include:

  • Birth Injuries – A lot can go wrong during childbirth. Most doctors and nurses who help deliver a baby are both skilled and well-trained. But, when they make a mistake, the consequences for the baby can be heartbreaking, devastating, and often involve the need for long-term medical care.
  • Coal Mining Accidents – Whether it’s on the surface or underground, coal mining is dangerous. Everyday, miners face hazards like cave-ins and explosions, braving countless perils to get the job done.
  • Medical Malpractice – We rely on doctors to heal us, and most of them do. But sometimes, a mistake or a misstep by a doctor leads to tragic results and the family is left to pick up the pieces, often including the cost of a lifetime of medical care.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Many people have prejudices against individuals who ride motorcycles. However, at Whitfield, Bryson LLP, we fight to show the insurance company and the jury why you deserve full and fair compensation for your injuries.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – In the blink of an eye, another driver can make a mistake that changes your life forever. Victims in car accidents need lawyers with the latest technology and resources to get the most out of their claims.
  • Auto Pedestrian Accidents – The law requires a cyclist be given the same respect and consideration as a car, truck, or any other vehicle on the road. If you’re hurt by a driver’s failure or refusal to share the road, you can seek compensation.
  • Truck Accidents – Truck accidents are often very different from other types of motor vehicle accidents. Victims will be facing large transportation companies with teams of expensive lawyers who will do everything in their power to avoid liability.
  • Workplace Injuries – Everyday, thousands of people suffer work-related injuries. Most are covered by workers’ compensation. One exception to workers’ compensation occurs when injuries on the job are the fault of someone other than your employer. In these instances, workers will need help pursuing full compensation for their injuries.
  • Train Crossing Accidents – The railroad industry has been a vital part of our economy for over a hundred years, but make no mistake, railroad crossings are extremely dangerous; and, if you are hit by a locomotive or piece of equipment, the consequences can be deadly.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Not sure if your case is strong enough to file a lawsuit, or whether it would be worth your while? The personal injury lawyers at Whitfield Bryson LLP would be pleased to provide a free assessment of your case. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

$600M - $1B Defective Chinese Drywall Settlement
$42M Staples Wage & Hour Settlement
$165M Defective Heart-Valves Settlement
$30M Defective Concrete Settlement
$1M Drunk Driver
$1.2M Coal Mine Accident
$3M Neighborhood Bulkhead Judgment
$4.8M Coal Mine Explosion
$1.7M Breach of Contract
$3.5M Shoddy Construction Jury Verdict
$750K Hit and Run Jury Verdict
$681K Breach of Fiduciary Duty
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