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Lumberton Flooding

Matthew Lee appointed Co-Lead counsel in Edwards v. CSX Transportation, Inc.

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East Carolina University Reinstates Women’s Swimming, Diving, & Tennis

Title IX Compliance

"East Carolina University (ECU) has agreed to reinstate its women’s swimming, diving, and tennis teams, develop a gender equity plan, and come into full compliance with Title IX to avoid a threatened class action sex discrimination lawsuit.."

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Lumberton Residents win Appeal over CSX Transportation, Inc.

The Fight Continues

The Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal in part sending the case back to the trial court on the Plaintiffs’ claims that CSX breached the berm agreement.

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John Whitfield Stands with Kentucky Chicken Farmers

Judge Denies Motion

"A Kentucky federal judge on Tuesday denied Tyson Chicken summary judgment on most claims in a battle with chicken farmers accusing the company of flouting antitrust laws, ruling there is a dispute of material fact over whether Tyson is a monopsonist adversely affecting or likely to affect competition."

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Hunter Bryson & Dan Bryson lead the fight for homebuilders

Carolina Beach Settles for $850k

Following a 2016 North Carolina Supreme Court decision, Quality Built Homes Inc. v. Town of Carthage, our firm has helped settle similar claims across North Carolina.

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Fighting the good fight nationally for

businesses who experienced Covid-19 related interruptions and hardships

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Martha Geer:
Co-Lead Counsel in EvenFlo MDL

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Featured Case

IBM's So-Called "Uncapped Commissions"

For years, IBM has promised its software sales representatives that they can make as much money as they want to at IBM – even a million dollars in a year! – because IBM’s sales commissions are “uncapped.”

In reality, after they’ve closed a blockbuster deal for IBM, sales reps find out that their commissions really aren’t uncapped. IBM routinely caps and retains hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned commissions from its sales representatives. We are proud to represent the workers of IBM.

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Whitfield Bryson LLP

Whitfield Bryson LLP is a civil litigation firm representing plaintiffs who, in a nutshell, have been injured or harmed due to the negligence of a person or company. Within that category, the types of cases we handle are wide ranging and include personal injury matters such as vehicle accidents and medical malpractice, class action suits for large numbers of people harmed by defective products and environmental disasters, and families whose homes were built using defective construction products.

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$600M - $1B Defective Chinese Drywall Settlement
$42M Staples Wage & Hour Settlement
$165M Defective Heart-Valves Settlement
$30M Defective Concrete Settlement
$1M Drunk Driver
$1.2M Coal Mine Accident
$3M Neighborhood Bulkhead Judgment
$4.8M Coal Mine Explosion
$1.7M Breach of Contract
$3.5M Shoddy Construction Jury Verdict
$750K Hit and Run Jury Verdict
$681K Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Our Team

At the risk of sounding boastful, we’re compelled to say that we’re extremely proud of our legal team. Each and every attorney was carefully chosen for a particular skill, unique knowledge or experience in a specific practice area. Together, they make Whitfield Bryson LLP a well rounded, reliable and respected civil litigation firm. In fact, we have been recognized for ethical and effective practice by organizations such as Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers, and Business North Carolina’s Legal Elite.

I was very pleased with the work that Caroline Taylor and everyone else at Whitfield Bryson LLP accomplished on my behalf. Not having faced an accident like this before it was great to have guidance and help in getting it settled.


I sincerely appreciate everybody's hard work at Whitfield Bryson LLP and the level of personal attention and care that has been exercised in every email, phone call and meeting. It makes a difference in going through this process.


I wanted to thank you and your team for a job that has been fantastic. The way you kept us updated always gave me total comfort on your professionalism. Well done, thank you for taking us to this point.


Thanks again for all of your diligence and determination. ...The Whitfield Bryson LLP team has done splendid work. We can't thank you enough.


Thank you so much for your hard work. I truly appreciate your commitment to this case.


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